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Bill Spence
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Hi all sent my application form off to do the 12 m walk around Sutton Bank. Anybody else up for it? It's only £12:50 even if you don't turn up it's money to a good cause.
More info on York branch web page or twitter @CGMemorialMarch .
Bill Spence
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Well I did it took a bit doing my hip went about 4miles from the finish but made it in the end. What a fantastic day to see the lads from Windsor, Catterick and London it was big turn out from the serving soldiers all together about 90 walkers . A great big well done must go to York Branch who did the regiment proud .The hard work in the organization came together on the day well done lads. Them who were able to go and with it been only a hour down the road missed a fantastic day.
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        Very well done, I just wish I was as fit as you, but 2 dodgy knees and 2 knacked feet puts me down to Kits and Capes. It so pleasing that all the hard work put in from everybody concerned ended in a great result.
      Spoke to Manny this morning he really is down that after his imput he could not take part. The sad thing is he did put a lot of work in and after 30 yrs as Welfare officer and a dedicated visitor to their whole area, he has not even had a phone call from anybody in the York Branch. But as he says his loyalty is to the Boro Branch where all his old mates are.
                               Well done Billy.. Go and have a long lay down and let Sandra make a 'Fuss' of you.
                                            Best Regards Malcolm
Bill Spence
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Cheers Malcolm hip just about back to normal and should be back on the moors next week. I'm sorry to Manny is down in the dumps I was talking to someone in York Branch and he said he was going to see him. Wish him well from me when next you see him ta
Mannie Cook
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Hip Hip Hooray, well done Bill, like Mac I'm on the sick and injured list,
but well done to the organisers and the turn out was brilliant.
Well Done everyone.
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